The Disconnect of being Connected!

We get it 24/7, that is information overload! Today we are able to give and receive information at anytime we want.  How many tweets have you sent out?  How many posts or conversations do you engage in on Facebook?  What about work, do you stop the press to check your phone to see how many messages you received?  Do you feel naked without your Smart Phone?  What if you left it home, OMG what would happen?

Five years ago or so who would have thought (besides our friends at Apple) that we would all be using our mobile phones to be the connector for us in work and play.  It\’s not the Smart Phones or mobile devices that are the problem it is how connected we are to them.  A cup of coffee at Starbucks is no longer the place to meet with friends but place to meet with friends online.  How many of you walk into a Starbucks and tables are filled with people doing work online? The water cooler conversations are not at the water cooler but they are via social networks and quick snippets of information at a time.  How many times a day are you checking your phone to see who responded to a Tweet/Message/or Facebook posting? Once again I\’m introducing you to the hyper-interactive consumer and information overload!

I have a few issues and trust me, I am one of those hyper-interactive consumers!.  I am a fan of Twitter and when my husband did his “Year in Review photos, he wrote “I lost my wife to Twitter” and it was a photo of me on my computer.  Yikes!  Of course he didn\’t lose me to Twitter but it made me think of how connected I am to the world yet disconnecting to the people in my life.  When I get up in the morning and first thing I do is turn on the coffee, then the computer and share my mornings with friends on Twitter and Facebook and read the news online and engage in conversations.  The good news is when I get up the family is sleeping so I don\’t feel as bad.  The awareness of being too connected has made me realize I too  have to disconnect.  How often do you reboot, shut down and disconnect to reconnect?

Conversations, Text Messaging and the Disconnect!
Another disconnect I have a problem with is the actual conversations or lack of that people have today.  Text messaging!  Yes, text a message or quick note to a friend/co-worker is great but if that is the only way you communicate it\’s not! Express yourself! Actually pick up the phone and speak to someone directly.  Don\’t you think laughing with someone vs. a text LOL is more engaging and allowing the other person to actually share that moment with you?  Don\’t let the technology of today disconnect you and your relationships on every level.  Laugh a little louder with someone, don\’t just LOL!

A while back I read an article on this issue and what surprised me on the disconnect was the timing.  The article talked about a couples “rule to disconnect” and their rule is to turn  off the iPhone when we they to bed.  What information do they really think they are going to lose by turning off the phone when they are sleeping?  That\’s just a little late to disconnect, don\’t you think?

I just told my husband what I was writing about and his disconnect was when he was traveling.  What I found most interesting is the fact that it was because he had to disconnect, not because he wanted to.  Having said that I must tell you he is not the Hyper-Interactive Consumer, I am!

The question I have today is how often do you completely shut down, reboot and disconnect to reconnect with yourself, your family and friends?  Have you attempted a 24 hour disconnect?  I\’m curious so please share your thoughts and remember to share, engage and connect with the most important people in your life!

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6 thoughts on “The Disconnect of being Connected!

  1. Disconnecting and stopping the press is tough. Much like cruise control and DVR’s. The memory of what life was like without them is locked away. Time managment is a vital aspect of any sucessful business. Some manage to de-stress and spend time with family. Some grind out 16 hour days and build massive wealth. Saddly, they don’t live very long. Often times it’s who you know that opens the door. And most doors must be opened in person. That’s my social tweeting for the day. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. Things are changing so quickly and as times are changing we must change with the times but some things need to remain the same…time for the one’s you love!

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