Social Media - Listen, don't ignore the conversation!

How well you listen and how you respond makes a difference to your success!  That is true both online and offline!

First things first!  Listen, I mean really take time to listen!  Get involved and connect with your audience .  If you are on Twitter, Listen, Retweet, and Respond.  A Retweet is key and so is thank you.  On Facebook make sure you acknowledge every person that comments on your wall and hit that LIKE button to let them know it.  It’s important to keep in contact with your audience and continue to engage in conversations.  Acknowledge, don\’t ignore!

Be human, not robotic!  Bring out your personality and ditch the automated responses!  People want to hear from you and get connected.  I recently did a presentation in front of a group of Key West Hotels and members of the Florida Keys Lodging Association.  TripAdvisor is key to this audience.  A growl and frown from some in the audience but I knew they were listening!  We discussed responding to all TripAdvisor comments.  The key to success is 100% response for this group.  My first tip to this group was don\’t just respond to the negative comments, respond to all.   It may take time but let the audience know they are being heard.

Being Robotic just doesn\’t cut it! My second tip is all about being human and responding.  Don\’t just send an automated “…thank you for your reply we appreciate your comments and management is looking into this…”  Scrolling down and seeing the same response just makes me think you didn\’t hear what I said and you really don\’t care!

Respond to All Comments!  Responding to even the good comments can make a difference!  I am pleased to share with you an email I received from one of the attendees at that seminar.   The sale was made because of listening and responding to everyone.  Below is shortened version of the email this company received:

“I wanted to let you know that I selected Old Town Trolleys  this coming weekend not only because of the very positive reviews ( but specifically because I could see in the responses to the reviews that Piper reads each one, responds to both positive and negative comments, and seems to genuinely care about the service your company provides. Kudos to her!! Please let her know that her comments are noticed and do make a difference in customers\’ selection of your company.”

Kudos to Piper and Old Town Trolleys for not only Listening but also Taking Action!  We all need to take time to listen a little bit more carefully online and offline!  That\’s it for today!  Enjoy the weekend and greetings from beautiful Key West, Florida!

Florida Keys Update  Via Key West:
Key West Fall Festivals include Key West Brewfest, Womenfest, Key West Poker Run, Fantasy Fest, Parrot Heads Meeting of the Minds, Key West World Championship Race  and more!

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17 thoughts on “Social Media - Listen, don't ignore the conversation!

  1. Great post Lisa! You have nailed it and people as well as businesses need to “listen” and read this post! The conversations are going on all around us, and the worst type of business owner is the type that is ignoring the conversation or providing automated answers!! This is how we communicate, respond and live our lives now, those that don’t realize that are truly loosing ground on a daily basis.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you John, I appreciate your comments and sharing this blog with your audience. I agree that those who don’t realize the importance of listening and engaging in conversations are loosing ground. Lisa

  2. Well said Lisa! For tourism TripAdvisor comments are as important as answering the phone at the front desk.

    • Joe, so true! If the phone is ringing, answer it! If a review is written, respond to it! All comments need attention, not just the good and not just the bad but every single one that writes a review! Thanks for taking the time to write a comment and share your thoughts with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Yes – it is important to listen, so how can any business do well without it. Great advise, can’t wait for the next! 🙂

    • Hello Dr. Daisy, I agree…it’s not just on Social Media, we all need to work on our listening skills! Thanks for taking the time to respond to the blog. Appreciate it!

  4. I agree with you 100% – no one likes to be treated like a number. But can I also say that it feels so overwhelming to try and keep up with all of this social media stuff!

  5. Great tips, LIsa. There are blogs I’ve quit reading just because I don’t feel like anyone really cares. I want to connect with people VIA the internet; I’m not interested in talking to the internet. It’s important for people to remember that we’re doing business with other people and there’s no substitute for real communication.

  6. Visiting from YOU CAN DO group 😀 Great article. Love the encouragement to stay positive and attentive to our customers/audience. Your description of how all aspects of business need to do this is very appreciated!

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