Relationship Building in Social Media

Friendships don\’t happen over night, they happen over time and guess what, relationship building in social media also takes time!

Let\’s talk about Twitter!  For your information I love Twitter and have made great friends on Twitter!  Have I met those friends face to face, some yes and most no.  They are global!  The friendships I have developed on Twitter did not happen over night, they happened over time!

Time is the key word.  How much time you invest in the relationship is very important.   Let\’s talk about Twitter!  First thing in the morning send a tweet out and say Good Morning!  You will be surprised at how many people respond with a Good Morning to you.  Listen to what other people are talking about and retweet a post.  FYI people love to get their tweets retweeted! It\’s a way to get noticed and connected.  Thank everyone who mentions and retweets your posts.  Last but not least, don\’t just post a tweet and forget about it.   You would not just walk away from a conversation you started, would you?  Keep tabs on your Twitter account throughout the day, retweet, ask questions, comment and ENGAGE!

Facebook is all about sharing information!  What you share and how often you share is important for both Business and Personal Facebook Pages, remember a LIKE can also turn into an Unlike.  Keep tabs on your audience by looking at your Insights and Analytics (only available for business pages.)  You can see what\’s working and what\’s not.  There is great information Facebook is sending you so make sure to review it.

Relationship Building is just that, building a relationship.  It takes time!  Start by getting social!

Twitter: Tweet and Retweet
Facebook: LIKE, Share, Engage
Google Plus: Give it a +1 and Share with your Circles on Google+

My last thought regarding Relationship Building in Social Media is don\’t put a time on it, put time into it!

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25 thoughts on “Relationship Building in Social Media

  1. Lisa, ignore my former comment…I was thinking I was writing to someone else! Sorry. Your post is a good reminder that building relationships takes time. Even online.

    • Hi Janis,
      Yes, building relationships takes time and sometimes we think just because it’s online it will just happen. Friendly reminders are always a good thing. My last comment says it all…don’t put a time on it, put time in it! We want results ASAP…it takes time!

  2. Aside from knowing what and how to utilize for networks…and which ones fit the needs of your business…relationship building is key…and that’s right…it takes time. In past years when I was involved with social media consulting, the biggest complaint I heard was …..”Well..we are friends now…why are they not buying”……..Its much ,more than the numbers..the following and the friend requests…all of those things are important but you have to be in line with your market and your goals have to be determined before you even begin…Its like the old saying…”You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date…So why then do people ask for the sale…before they even find out if yiou are interested in their products! Well said…needs to be shared more in the social media /business worlds…some folks juts don’t get it:(

    • Anita, thank you for the comments. We all know it takes time but for some reason there are still some out there who think they will get immediate results. My last comment pretty much says it all…don’t put a time on it, put time into it!

  3. What a great article. Building meaningful relationships whether they be virtual or personal require an investment in time, and you have covered this very well in your article. Great looking site too by the way.
    Warm Regards,
    Rod Arnold
    The Social Biz Buzz

  4. Good reminders. There are no “instant” relationships. It all takes time and a little consideration to build relationships, online or off.

  5. You got it! It is all about the relationships! I agree with you re: Twitter as well…luv Twitter and have made some amazing friendships there. Some I have met in person and some I may never meet but still count them as a friend. GREAT article!

  6. Great tips! Yes we need to build relationships in social media just like we do face to face you have to build the trust. To build the relationships in social media we need to be commenting and sharing information. Be involved!

    Thanks for a great post!

  7. Great tips thanks Lisa! I loved this statement:
    “My last thought regarding Relationship Building in Social Media is don’t put a time on it, put time into it!” Such great advice!!

  8. Great article, Lisa! A lot of people still don’t understand that it takes time to build their online relationships just like when they are building a relationship offline. Thank you 🙂

  9. Lisa, Loved this article. I value relationships and it does take time to “grow” them in social media.

  10. This is an important article on building relationships. I think I would add that when people don’t reciprocate, drop them or spend less time trying to engage them. Spend time on the ones who will reciprocate.

    It never occurred to me to say Good Morning on Twitter – I’ll bet that is helpful for engaging people. Great post and nice site!

  11. Really great tips and thoughtfully explained. I’m going to try saying “Good Morning” more often, I often wish people a great day, and follow your other suggestions, but it’s so true it really does take time. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Thanks for these reminders Lisa. It took me quite awhile to really “get” social media. I think I didn’t understand/believe that you could build a real relationship on Twitter or Facebook. After putting a little time into it I was definitely proven wrong! I enjoy many of my social media friends much more than most of the people I encounter face-to-face throughout the day!

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