Quality of Friends and Followers in Social Media

Today my message is going to be short and sweet!  I\’m going to get right to the point and talk about Quality vs. Quantity in Friends and Followers.

I see so many people jumping into Twitter and Facebook looking at the numbers and how many people are “liking” or “following” them.  Social Media is not a popularity contest!  Don\’t be concerned with the number of Followers and Like\’s!  Do be concerned with the person who is following you or liking you!  Don\’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of both Facebook and Twitter but I see this urgency of people looking more at the numbers and not at the value of building relationships and using both to share and engage in conversations with the friends and followers.

For example, on the business pages I have seen many accounts being set up incorrectly. Setting up your business page as a personal page is a No No! This is not a good idea and not what one would call “Best Practices.” Being Social is not just going and “liking” thousands of people in hopes that they will visit you, buy something from you or just “like” you back.  It is  a way of sharing information and a networking opportunity.  Be careful and always remember, it\’s about the share, not the sell! It\’s about quality, not quantity!

Social Media is not about numbers and how many people like or follow you! Again, it\’s not a popularity contest!  Don\’t get caught up in numbers and do get caught up in building relationships, engaging in conversations and of course, be real!

What do you think?

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