Less is more in Social Media

Feeling overwhelmed? Google Plus opens its doors (or should I say circles) to the world, Facebook continues to make changes and updates (some of which I am not a fan but that\’s for another blog) and Twitter numbers on the rise!  Do you sit there and wonder how am I going to do all of this?  What changes are next and who will be making them?  Keeping up with the changes in Social Media is like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you just don\’t know what\’s next!  Today\’s blog is about doing LESS:

Listen!  You keep hearing the same thing over and over, Listen…always be listening!  If you aren\’t then you are missing the boat.

Engage!  Social Networking is a Dialogue, not a monologue!  Engage in the conversations, ask questions, respond!  If you are going to have a conversation, then do it!

Share!  Build the excitement and become a storyteller and share with others.  Share your stories and information, comment on Tweets, Facebook Postings and Share with everyone in your Circles.

Strategy!  Having a Social Media Strategy is key!  You have to identify what you want out of Social Media and have a plan.  Is it brand awareness, more followers, more fans, leads, sales? Define your target audience!   What are your goals and objectives and how are you going to achieve those goals?  Make sure to Monitor, Measure & Listen!  See how things are working (or not)…if it is not working then you know you have to make some changes and modifications.  As far as measurement and metrics go, make sure you use what is available.  Facebook Insights just launched a new and improved analytics and don\’t forget about Google Analytics!  This information is key to your success!

Finally, it all goes back to the ABC\’s…always be connecting!  Always be conversational!  Keep in mind, Social Media is another tool to your overall Marketing Strategy!  It should definitely be included in your plan but it should not be the only thing you do!

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20 thoughts on “Less is more in Social Media

  1. Boy, have you hit the nail on the head! This is what I am hearing from everyone – professional and social users of social media. Good advice!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. When I was the CEO of Marketing Pockets…we always encouraged our clients to start with a goal and work from there….less is more no matter what we do in life.We live at information overload unless we learn to shut it off….Niche it down and talk to your specific customer…no more no less…then your message will match your market and your customers will find you 🙂

    • Hello Dr. Daisy,
      Reminders are always helpful and keeping up with the changes in Social Media sometimes gets exhausting. We have to remember our ABC’s (Always be connecting) and do the lessons learned in L.E.S.S. is more!

  3. Absolutely!! Less is more, dialog instead of monolog can open not only doors but also hearts…Thanks a lot for a great message! 🙂

  4. YES!!!! Always OVERWHELMED! 🙂 Great advice! We have to prioritize and follow our plan or we might end up playing the numbers game like so many do. It isn’t quantity – it is quality – that matters!

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