It's Mother's Day Every Day!

In my world, Mother\’s Day is everyday!  I dedicate today\’s blog to all the moms out there!  For me, being a mom is the greatest gift of all and it comes with so many titles.  Some day\’s I\’m “the best mommy ever” and other days I wear the title of “Nervous Nellie” or “I\’m a mean old mom!” Not a fan of the mean old mom but it comes with the job.  No matter what hat I wear I love being a mom!

I\’m sure most of the moms out there have read the book “What to expect when you\’re expecting” but after that let\’s just say we are on our own.  For me, I\’ve had some experiences that were life changing and made me realize what is really important in life.  Let\’s put it in perspective what really matters is the health and well-being of the ones you love.  My son was born with Cancer.  A horrible and life changing experience.  As I write this I give a shout out and big thank you to  Lower Keys Medical Center and Miami Children\’s Hospital for saving my son\’s life.  He is a healthy 7 year old boy today because of them.  He was born with it and within the first month of his life had undergone two major surgeries.  A mom experience I do not wish upon anyone but it has made me very strong.

My children are one year apart and they are my life (along with the most wonderful husband in the world.)  When my children were ages 1 and 2 my husband and I went through another experience with Hurricane Wilma and this time my house was flooded.  I have a new motto and I believe it.  You can take away my job, my home but do not even think about touching my family and the one\’s I love.  I\’ve been tested and I get it.  Love and cherish every second with the one\’s you love – it\’s priceless and the greatest gift of all!

My house is a home
My house is filled with love and you will be sure to find hand prints of my children on what was once white walls.  I do have an artist and curator in the family.  The art work creatively designed and hung by my daughter.  From cut out hearts to every drawing she has done all hung with a piece of tape and placed on the walls of my house.  Do I mind, no way because when you come into my house, you come into my home.

When you call out my name…
I hear it all.  It could be a cough in the middle of the night or a cry because of a bad dream or just a call out for mom.  No matter what time of the day or night I am there.  As I write this another crisis has taken place…my son fell off the swing…band-aid alert , kisses and a hug from mom as it will all be OK.  My children are now age 6 and 7 and they will grow and the need for mom will change.  For me, nothing will change as they will always be the loves of my life and I will always be there for them.

When I say I do celebrate Mother\’s Day everyday, I truly mean it.  I look at my children everyday and think how very lucky I am in every way.  For me, being mom is the greatest gift of all!

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12 thoughts on “It's Mother's Day Every Day!

  1. Health is always the most important factor. Cheers to all Moms & Lisa, don’t blink as before you know it, their asking for the car keys:)

  2. You are not only a great Mom as I see it in your eyes as they light up when your children come into the room or call out for you; but you are a great wife as well. Cory is Prince Charming and you are certainly his Princess. You are an incredible young woman and I am proud to call you my loving niece.

  3. I remember when your son was ill. Everyone in Tampa was praying for you and your son. You have great taste in men. I like the way you continually count your blessings. I soon will have another blessing in the form of a grand daughter. All I can tell you is, “If you love your children, wait until they hand you THEIR children”. It just cannot be described in words. Family, friends are what give a home it’s benediction. Best Regards. Cat

  4. Lisa, I had no idea your son was born with cancer. No wonder you are so positive about everything. Blessings come with multiple messages sometimes. Love the blog…need to check out the rest of the site now…

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