Having a Secure Facebook Account!

Social Security is key to social success!  Today it\’s all about being secure on the social networks! Is your Facebook Account Secure?  Do you know how to tell?  I just found this out yesterday and need to share this important information with you on Facebook Browser Security.  Check your URL on Facebook.  Http: vs. Https: makes a huge difference.  One is secure and one is not and if you answered “not” then your account can be hacked.  Stop what your doing and please check it and if you are not secure then let\’s fix that right now.

Secure Your Settings!
Go to your Facebook page and follow the steps below:

1.  Go to Account
2.  Account Settings
3.  Security
4.  Secure Browsing
5.  Enable Secure Browsing
6.  SAVE and Finish

Recently I noticed a change on how Facebook was “suggesting friends for me.”  I was getting a filmstrip of photos (some of who I knew and others I did not) front and center and “in my face” on my Facebook Page.  I am not a fan of this at all.  I did go and hit the x to remove that strip but again, what was Facebook thinking.  I can pick my own friends, thank you.

I\’d like to also mention and thank Shelly Kramer for her post today Facebook Privacy Breach: 2 Settings You Need to Check Now.  The more we keep informed and Secure the better off we all will be in the future!  Take a moment to read Shelly\’s blog post on this issue as she also includes information on Mobile devices, mobile contacts and your Facebook Account.  We all want to be connected but make sure it is Secure and the connection you want! Security is key to your Social Networking Success! When I hear news you can use I\’ll make sure to share and keep you updated and not outdated.

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