Getting the Twitter Thing!

I love twitter! I am a fan, I tweet, retweet and yes have conversations with people all over the world!  Did it start that way, no!   When I began this Social Media journey with Twitter I too was confused, concerned and wondering how is this going to make a difference in my world.  A tweet, a retweet, a hastag, oh me oh my…a new language and 140 characters max!

Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

My first response to all of this was people have too much time on there hands, who cares what you are eating for lunch or if you are having coffee and the list goes on and on.  I love to talk so my reaction to 140 characters was no way will I be able to do that.  Guess what, people do care and it\’s about sharing information and building relationships!  Also, go write something down, edit it and try to get your message across in 140 characters.  You will be surprised to see how much information you can take out to make your message clear in less than 140 characters.

Don\’t forget Social Networking is about being Social.  Be Real! Take time to learn about Twitter and forget about the numbers and how many followers you have.  When I say “be real” please take time and share and don\’t use this forum to sell (at least don\’t do it 80% of the time as that\’s not what this is for.)

I just came across a great article on how you can make Twitter work for you.  The 8 Dos and Don\’t s of Twitter, by Maggie Hoffman.  Read it, share it, and make sure you follow the advice given.  Do you have any more do\’s and don\’ts to add to the list?  If so, please share them.

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