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Welcome to The Social Suite Blog! My name is Lisa Malcom, founder of The Social Suite and today I’d like to share my experience with Social Media and how “getting it” got me where I am today.

My journey began with words like Tweets, Retweets, #Hashtags, Fans, Likes…what it is all about? I remember attending a Social Media seminar and I was overwhelmed. Are they speaking a different language? I got over it quickly. I decided to take time and learn more about it and do it!

Build. Engage. Share. Be Social.
Via Key West, is my online gift store that celebrates all the funky and fabulous artisans inspired by Key West (@viakeywest.) I remember thinking “who cares if someone is getting coffee at Starbucks and “people have too much time on their hands”…well guess what, people do care and they are sharing information both good and bad. My twitter journey started, first followers and I “tweet” and “retweet”…here come some “welcome” tweets. It’s working, I’m up to 16 followers and I think I’ve hit the jackpot. Today Via Key West has 3271 followers on Twitter. Guess what, 3271 people and all of their followers are having a conversation about Via Key West. Facebook and Twitter are places people engage in conversation about you and share the same with others.

Let’s move ahead with my journey in Marketing for the Hospitality Industry. I was responsible for advertising, marketing and social media for four Key West hotels. I was sitting at my desk attending an International Webinar for Marketing Trends for the Hospitality Industry. The speaker of the webinar was using examples of good Social Media practices on Facebook and named a hotel to follow. The hotel they named was the one I worked for. I jumped out of my seat and went “OMG that’s me!” I even received a few phone calls from hotels who attended Seminars where the hotel was once again mentioned. Why was the hotel used as an example? It’s about sharing not selling!

Connect/Reconnect. On Twitter I saw a friend from my hometown and immediately sent him a tweet “hi, not sure if you remember me….” he runs a very cool (and in the NOW) interactive agency (@romanelli) Romanelli Advertising. Long story short we are working together today. The connections all happened via Social Media.

So what’s it all about? Build relationships. Engage. Share. Be social. My goal is to help break the Social Media barrier that exists and offer tips on how to get started and also help you create a social media strategy for your brand. I’ll keep you informed on the latest and greatest Social Media tips and trends. The strongest and simplest advice to start is be social!

This is the first blog of The Social Suite. Share it, send me a reply and let’s engage in conversation! By the way, I’m ready for another OMG moment; let’s make it about you and your company!

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